Most people know Jemimah as the Creative Director of Tangs Design, Director of Epic Social and one half of The Business Experiment podcast. However, Jemimah works as a mentor and helps small businesses use practical strategies to grow through the start up phase. 


Jemimah grew up in rural Victoria before moving to Melbourne at 18 to attend university. After finishing university she moved abroad for several years before back to Australia to steady employment in law enforcement. After ten years employment, Jemimah found her calling in New York City after a chance meeting with a silversmith and completely changed her life course. In 2015, Tangs Design was born and began life as a side project, before quickly blooming into the real deal 12 months later.

Jemimah is a RAW: natural born artist, a skilled improviser and comedian. In 2015, Jemimah was named Canberra's Artist of the Year.

Jemimah's education include;
Bachelor of Science (Security), postgraduate studies in Investigations and Criminal Intelligence. Security and  In 2013, Jemimah finished her Masters in Criminal Intelligence and completed her thesis on profiling within the Australian law enforcement context. 


Jemimah speaks Bahasa Indonesian and is currently studying Australian Sign Language (AUSLAN). She also has a Certificate IV in training and extensive history in presenting and teaching complex issues including LGBTI issues and cognitive behavioural therapy. Jemimah is also skilled in reading people, identifying deception and identifying micro expressions. She has also extensive studies in neurolinguistics programming (NLP).

Jemimah is also a highly skilled stand up comedian and has extensive training in improvisation from some of the best improvisors in the world. 

In addition to this, Jemimah works as a mentor to entrepreneurs and assists start ups navigate networking. Jemimah also works as a comedy writer and is a key influencer on social media with a total of 10,000 unique viewers on a monthly basis.  

Jemimah is also an avid blogger and has been featured in numerous media outlets such as This Woman Can, The Daily Guru, Short Press and The Local Look. She is also a regular contributor is Kochie’s Business Builders and The Connection Exchange.

Jemimah brings an original, quirky sense of humour and a fun loving attitude to everything she does. She is passionate about helping people to express their individuality and creativity through bespoke jewellery pieces that they genuinely love.


if you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. it's lethal.

As a key influencer, Jemimah helped me get my brand off the ground. She assisted me in linking me in with the right people, helped grow my social media profile and mentoring me through the first few difficult months in starting a business.
— Adam James, F45 Fighting

what can she help with

  • Comedy Writing
  • Social Media
  • Podcasting
  • Mentoring
  • Networking
  • Client assistance
  • Micro expression training
  • Influencer