The Business Experiment



The Business Experiment podcast is the creative genius of two savvy business women; Jemimah Ashleigh and Shevonne Joyce who decided it was time someone got REAL about what it was like to be in business - the good, the bag and the ugly - and everything in between. 

We have worked hard to create a community that enables people to write down their story and develop a genuine connection, collaboration and be real about running a business. We achieve this by having important conversations, documenting our personal experiences and conducting experiences and sharing the invaluable lessons we learn in a fun and informative way.  

The podcast commenced on 4th July 2016 and within six months the podcast was being listened to in 26 countries around the world with thousands of people tuning in every single week. 

The podcast was also named #3 business podcast for 2017. 

To listen in or hear some more information, find us here. 

“TBE is a lighthearted & real insight into starting a small business and the things you learn along the way. Comforting to know I am not on my own & informative too. Keep it up ladies- LOVE IT!’
— Samantha Tama, Listener of the show