Jemimah Ashleigh has spoken at various events from conferences to boardrooms about many topics including;

  • Thought Leadership
  • Leaving the Public Service
  • Social Media Monetisation
  • Her personal story of anxiety, depression and the importance of self-care 
  • Creating a worldwide podcast
  • Networking
  • The importance of being authentic in business

Jemimah is very open about her life story and personal experiences leading up to her becoming an entrepreneur. 


-Top 10 tips on starting your own business
Including social media tips, international legal requirements and financial issues. 
-Mental Health for Entrepreneurs
As this is an often overlooked areas, Jemimah tells her story of stress management and the importance of self care
-How to start a podcast
Jemimah talks about how to start a podcast, how to get ahead in business and what things to consider in a flooded market. 
-Females working in male dominated industry
With Jemimah's history of working in law enforcement, to then going into metal work to then working in tech, Jemimah tell's the real of working in male dominated industries and what workplaces can do to support their female staff members and help retainment. 
-Tips for Working in Retail
How to support your staff, workers and survive busy holiday periods. 
-Improvisations and it's important link to business