Jemimah has has her blogs featured in the following media outlets

Things You Should Know Before You Quit Your Job, The Connection Exchange, 30 October 2016
10 Things No One Tells You About Running A Small Business, The Connection Exchange, 30 October 2016
Christmas is Coming - The Retailers War Cry, The Connection Exchange, 30 November 2016
How to Network Like A Boss, We The Modern, 25 May 2017
How to Network Like A Boss, The Business Woman Media, 26 May 2017
Cracking the Millennial Market, Written Communications, 12 June 2017
How to argue well to turn it into success, Smart Company, 7 April 2017
Why self-care is important for women in business, Financy, 29 March 2017
Self-care isn't selfish, it's mandatory, Social Cut, 12 July 2017
Get Selfish - Women On Media, 16th July 2017
Don't Be Boring on Social Media, Australian Gift Guide, 6 September 2017
When Being Fashionable is Unfashionable, Femeconomy, 14 September 2017
Making Business Meetings Effective, Inside Small Business 15 September 2017
Networking Like a Boss, Young Upstarts: Voice of a New Generation, 28 September 2017
The Millennial Riddle: How to Successfully Market to Gen Y's, She Owns It, 8 November 2017
Are you Following These 6 Social Media Commandments?, Kochies Business Builders, 24 October 2017

The Business Experiment
Find Your Business Tribe, Business Woman Media, Nov 5th 2016
Living Like Successful Entrepreneurs - The Business Experiment Nov 24, 2016
Self-care Isn't Selfish - October 10, 2016
Podcasts You Need To Be Listening To In 2017 - Kochies Business Builders, 25 November 2016
Newsflash: Real Is The New Black - Huffpost, 5 May 2017
Female Leaders: Shevonne Joyce and Jemimah Ashleigh from The Business Experiment Podcast, 3 May 2017

Tangs Design
International Woman's Day- Take Chocolate, Wine and Sleep as Required, Tangs Design March 8, 2016

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